Finding balance on the road.
Lucy Jade Hind

Lucy has worked in the Music Industry for more than a decade, starting as an Event Manager & Promoter before moving onto other roles such as Artist Manager, Booking Agent, Personal Assistant, Tour Manager, Merchandise Manager and more.

Having studied Music Business whilst simultaneously dealing with an array of personal challenges, Lucy noticed the need for change within the industry in regards to emotional stability well before she started touring. This insight along with her own personal experiences led to her training as an Advanced Clearing Practitioner in early 2015 in order to bring her vision for change to life. She now aims to bring these specialised holistic skills and knowledge to the Music Industry to assist those wanting to find balance both on and off the road without losing their creative focus. 

Although Lucy maintains a strong coaching focus on touring musicians and crew as she continues to work as a Tour Manager; her coaching skills are also available to anyone who seeks to change their lives for the better by dropping their emotional baggage and living their life's purpose to their fullest potential. 

  1. Musicians & Crew
    Find your balance both on and off the road.
  2. Tour Services
    Tour Management and more.
  3. Personal Development
    Creating the life you know you deserve.
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